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Create the best viewing

experience possible.

Imagine enjoying your favorite movie, immersed in the crystal-clear picture and crisp surround sound of a home theater.  We take all the beloved aspects of the movie-going experience and combine them with the joys and comforts of enjoying an evening at home to create a unique home entertainment center you're sure to love!

Modernize your at-home viewing experience without breaking the bank, schedule an appointment today.

Remote Controls

Everything you need at your fingertips.

Use the latest gadgets and technological advancements to stay in control of your home!  Our home automation installations will put complete control of your lighting, communications, and entertainment systems together in a universal remote that's easy and fun to use.

Keep a watchful eye over you and your loved ones.

We understand that, as a homeowner, you want to ensure everything under your roof is safe and sound at all times.  We've got the reliable home security and surveillance systems you've been looking for!   Don't wait until it's too late - protect your home with the latest in home security and surveillance right away.

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30 Years In The Industry 

Let us upgrade your at-home experience! Trust your home entertainment installation with qualified professionals. Schedule an apointment today.  

home theater

Home Theaters

794 St Clair St Suite D,

Melbourne, FL 32935

What is a home theater system?


A home theater system is an optimal way to watch tv and movies within your home. The most important part of a home theater system is the television or in some cases the projector. We recommend a TV with a high quality picture. These days the best quality TV you can get is 4k HDR or OLED. If you have the money and space consider a projector and large screen instead of a television. Today there are a wide range of high quality 4k projectors that can give you the movie theater experience at home. After the television or projector, audio is quite important to your experience. You will need a home theater receiver and some quality speakers. The latest technology in speakers is Dolby Atmos. The audio setup typically involves the main or front channels which are two speakers on the left and right of the display. The center channel which is a speaker placed above or below the display device. The whole setup is completed by a subwoofer which adds impactful bass. The last thing you need for your home theater to be complete is a video source, this could be the signal from your cable or dish or a blu ray player. There are also streaming devices such as Roku that allow you to watch streaming services such as Netflix through your TV. If all of this sounds complicated don’t worry, Indian River Sight and Sound is here to help. We have 30 years of experience in creating amazing home theaters. If you are looking for an amazing home theater contact Indian River SIght and Sound is here to help. 


Why should I purchase a home theater?

Home theaters bring the cinema experience to you without having to pay the high cinema price. If you replace your usual trip to the theater with a stay at home viewing you will definitely end saving money in the long run. Home theaters provide a higher quality of entertainment when it comes to both listening and viewing. The right setup can sometimes even be a superior experience to the movie theater because movie theaters are optimized for volume not for quality. Plus imagine the savings on concessions. When it comes down to it a home theater is a great purchase for those who love the movie watching experience and want to experience media at the highest quality possible. 


What should I look for in a new TV?


With so many TV’s on the market you may be wondering what TV will be best for you new home theater. Here are some things to look for to ensure your TV quality matches the high quality of your InDian River SIght and Sound home theater set up. Look for a TV with 4k resolution. This is the highest quality of TV you will be able to watch.  When it comes to refresh rate, aka the number of times the TV refreshed the image look for 60 HZ or 120 Hz. The higher the refresh rate the smoother the motion. Look for an HDR-compatible set, HDR means more realistic color and better contrast. We recommend OLED over LED but if you are looking for something a bit more affordable check out QLED. If you have questions about what TV will be best for your new home theater set up contact Indian River Sight and Sound today our experienced professionals would love to help. 



What certifications does Indian River Sight and Sound have?

Indian River Sight and Sound is experienced, certified and licensed. Our certifications and affiliations include SIM2 Video systems CRT, DLP & LCD projector installation & calibration, OnQ Technologies certified structured wiring systems design & installation, NUVO Multi-zone audio systems, Lutron lighting control systems, HAI 5-Star certified home automation dealer, Aegis home automation specialist, ISF certified video calibration specialist, member of HBCA, and Member of CEDIA. We are a fully licensed and insured company including the State of Florida Electrical Contractors and State Farm Commercial Liability Policy. If you have any questions about our qualifications or work we have done in the past contact us today.

What services does Indian River Sight and Sound offer?

Indian River Sight and Sound offers affordable theater, security, automation, and communications services. Some technology Indian River Sight and Sound can install in your home include universal remotes, home theater systems, smart house control systems, lighting control systems security and surveillance systems, multi-zone audio and video distribution systems, and communications networks for voice and data. If you have any questions about which services are right for you and your home contact Indian River Sight and Sound today, our experienced audio visual professionals would be happy to help you. 

What brands does Indian River Sight and Sound work with?

Some brands Indian River Sight and Sound offers include Da-Lite, Digital Watchdog, HAI Home Automation, Honeywell, JVC Video, Lutron, McIntosh, Marantz, NUVO technologies, OnQ Technologies, Phase Technology, Request Multimedia, SIM2, Sonance, and Universal Remote Control. If you have any questions feel free to contact us online or by phone. 


Why does my tv need speakers?

As the have gotten thinner and thinner the build in audio quality has become worse. This is because the speakers have had to become more and more compressed. That is why a quality speaker setup is more important than ever these days. Even if you don’t go for the full surround sound (we recommend it though) a couple of bookshelf speakers can do wonder for your sound quality. If you have any questions about which speakers are right for you and your home contact Indian River Sight and Sound today, our experienced audio visual professionals would be happy to help you.

Which connections provide better picture quality, HDMI or S-video?

Whenever possible it is best to use high definition capable connections such as HDMI cables. HDMI cables can carry high definition signals such as 1080p. Let us handle your cable installation and home theater set up for you, contact Indian River Sight and Sound today. 

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